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Welcome to the website of AEA-PAC, the Arlington Education Association political action committee. Our website is new, but check back in a few weeks to learn more about us and how to get involved.


AEA-PAC is proud to endorse Laurence Fishtahler and Zuraya Tapia-Hadley as candidates for school board.

Mr. Fishtahler has decades of experience advocating for students and educators in Arlington County. He has valuable experience on the ground, teaching in Arlington Public Schools. Mr. Fishtahler has spent his life in public service through his career at NASA and serving in an educator union himself. It is clear that Mr. Fishtahler understands the challenges faced by Arlington Public Schools and has a dedicated plan to solving them.

Ms. Tapia-Hadley has demonstrated her willingness to get involved and advocate for educators and students. She is a professional communicator with clear ideas on how to be transparent and communicative with both APS staff and the Arlington community. Ms. Tapia-Hadley has actionable plans on how to engage with APS families across language and economic divides. She will be a strong voice on the APS school board for educators, staff, and families.


AEA-PAC is proud to endorse Julius D. Spain for county board. 

JD brings years of experience and advocacy for underrepresented communities and pledges to work to make Arlington the best place for educators to live and work. He will be a strong voice on the Arlington County Board for educators, students, and families in our community.